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Service Levels

SILVER – Starting at $550⁰⁰/mo

Pump maintenance

Seal replacement will occur within 2 working days of pump arrival at Druk

Pumps requiring the replacement of hard goods, may require additional time as specific items for this service are not stocked

GOLD – Starting At $1000⁰⁰/Mo

24/7 Customer Support

Bumper to Bumper pump maintenance

Seal replacement and pump refurbishment will occur within 2 working days of pump arrival at Druk

Cost of all parts are included

PLATINUM –Starting At $1250⁰⁰/Mo

24/7 Customer Support

Machine maintenance contract

All services offered in Silver and Gold plans

Replacement parts for all components of the machine



Druk engineers work fast, and can rebuild any pump from any manufacturer in as little as 48 hours.  Our rebuild process includes diagnostics, replacement of worn parts, and a deep clean of all pump components using the Sonicator™ system to make your pump work as well as the day you bought it.



We pride ourselves on an extensive knowledge of all things supercritical, and an ability to service any pump from any manufacturer.  If it pumps CO₂, we can diagnose it, repair it and rebuild it, guaranteed.



In addition to repairing and maintaining supercritical pumps, Druk also sells new and used pump systems, fully inspected and refurbished by our team of expert engineers.  Buying from Druk has the benefit of authenticity, as we guarantee all of our pumps.



Our expert technicians are happy to work with you, and are capable of showing you how to optimize the quality and output volume of your supercritical extraction operation.  We have experience working with operations of all sizes, and equipment of all makes.  If it pumps CO2, we can show you how to get the most out of it.