Our Pump Rebuild Process


At Druk Engineering, getting your pumps back up and running is our number 1 priority.    We have decades of hands-on expertise rebuilding pumps made by Hydraulice International, Haskel, MaxPro (Maximator) and others. Every time we rebuild a pump, and take every step necessary to ensure a superb rebuild job.


For each rebuild, we fully disassemble all components of the pump, and use a proprietary 4-step cleaning and passivation process that restores them to brand new state.  Part of this process is a long Sonicator bath, which cleans tight areas of each component that scrubbing brushes cannot reach.  The chemicals in this bath dissolve all residue and oils from operation as well.


After the parts are cleaned and passivated, all soft components (seals, o-rings, gaskets, etc) of the pump are discarded, and the pump is reassembled using brand new seals made of materials specifically designed to be compatible with supercritical CO2.  All p;umps are reassembled to the original manufacturers' specifications. Additionally, Druk can convert incompatible pumps over to a configuration that can process supercritical CO2.

Fast Servicing

Druk can provide premade shipping containers for you to easily package your pumps for shipping via UPS. This is the quickest way to have a pump disassembled, rebuilt, and returned.  For most cases, we can have pumps rebuilt in as little as 48 hours after they arrive at our facility..

Eligible Pumps

Because we’ve been in this industry for so long, we’ve seen every type of pump there is, and can service anything that pumps supercritical CO2.  This includes pumps from Apeks Supercritical, Eden Labs, Waters, and other smaller manufacturers.

Chiller Refurbishing And Repair

Druk engineers and technicians have years of experience designing and servicing refrigeration systems.  We are EPA certified refrigeration technicians and can also repair, refurbish, and rebuild chillers up to 40 tons.