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Lab Setup & Logistics

Don’t know where to start?  Druk engineers have started up labs of their own several times, and has helped others start up labs as well.  We know the logistics of getting equipment running and keeping it that way, the legal boundaries and standards for botanical extraction, and the hidden and unexpected costs of starting production.

Legal Setup

Members of Druk’s team have worked closely with lawyers, and state/federal legislators on past projects, and know very well the boundaries and allowances the law provides when it comes to botanical extraction.  With the high level of regulation in certain areas of the industry, we can help you understand and comply with your local laws to keep your operation clean and presentable.

Quality Verification

Druk can verify the purity and quality of your product,and provide you with an industry-recognized certificate for your records.  We can also give you tips on how to increase purity and quality, so you can give your customers the best product possible.

Solvent Analysis & Supply

After a brief overview of your operation, we’ll analyze your needs and let you know which solvents and chemicals fit best with the type of matter you’ll be extracting.  We’ll also find you suppliers for those solvents and have them shipped to you.

Packaging Logistics

Due to stringent state and federal regulations regarding certain extraction products, packaging in the industry must adhere to very specific standards.  Our legal team and engineers can help guide you through getting your product packaged the right way and shipped to your customers without hassle or delay.

Product Branding & Marketing

We can help you get set up with graphics and marketing materials for your business or product.


Interested In Working With Us?

We can get your lab or business set up in just a few weeks.  Send our consultants an email, and within 24 hours we’ll be in touch with you.  You can also call our office at 844-318-0400.

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