• Collect material during extraction. No decompressing to recover material.
  • Fully automated for “load and go” operation
  • 2 x 25 liter Easy-Load extraction vessels
  • ASME code stamped vessels available
  • Additional extractors and separators easily added as your needs increase
  • Full extraction in as little as 30 minutes per pound
  • Multiple strains extracted at once, or larger combined extractions

Online Monitoring of Extraction Process

Get important data and insights into your machine’s operation with an online dashboard that allows you to track progress and quality every step of the way.  Now you can know when extraction is complete. No more guessing.

Continuous Flow Meter to Monitor and Control Flow and CO2 Density

Extraction times and efficiency are dependent on the amount of CO2 that passes over the material.  Now you can know for sure and control these physical parameters.

Process Alarms Can be Sent via Email or Text

Keep an eye on your operation with emails and texts directly from your machine.  Internal diagnostics sensors allow the machine to monitor its own operation and message you when the process is complete or in the event of an error.

Want to learn more?

Let Druk be Your Full Service Provider

Druk is a full service CO2 extraction company proudly offering service contracts and same-day telephone support.  We service any manufacturer’s pumps, chillers or other support equipment, and can consult to help you increase throughput, design your lab, and develop standard operating procedures for your entire process. No matter your needs, our engineers and consultants will help you fill them quickly, expertly, and permanently.  We know that your operations are time-sensitive, which is why clear, quick communication is our standard.  With expertise and decades of industry experience,  you can trust that you are in good hands
with Druk Engineering.